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Covid-19 Policy

Currently the main changes are:


  1. Face coverings: To reflect the fact that these are currently legally mandatory, except where an exemption applies;

  2. Social distancing:  To maintain 2m social distancing from anyone you didn’t come with as far as it is practical for the activity being carried out and in accordance with clubs  risk assessments;

  3. Stewarding:  only provide appropriate stewarding where necessary to avoid crowding/bunching on entry and exit;

  4. Disinfection of floors: This is only needed if hand contact with the floor is likely during your session (e.g. exercise classes and children’s activities).  Either (a) to mop just before each session, or (b),  use an appropriate floor covering e.g. mats so that direct contact with the floor is not needed.  This requirement will continue to be needed for hygiene, irrespective of COVID-19, 

  5. Microphones: If applicable, currently these should be touched by one person, where possible, and then only with recently sanitised hands, and after use should be or quarantined for at least 48 hours.  The change adds cleaning and disinfecting them after use as an alternative to quarantining them.


Other hygiene, ventilation and test and trace requirements remain in place, including the requirements that we should (1) bring enough sets of (a) antibacterial wet wipes: 1 for each WC available during the session, (b)  antibacterial cleanser and cloths for the rest of the premises, and use them to wipe all seats, door handles into and out of all rooms to be used, including the main entrance doors from exterior to lobby and from lobby to hall, WCs and other surfaces, before the start and after the end of each session;  (2) provide whatever PPE is reasonably needed for use of these materials, and arrange safe disposal of it after use; (3) ask participants who have downloaded the NHS COVID-19 App to ‘check in’ using the NHS QR code displayed in the entrance lobby; (4) ventilate as much as is reasonable during  sessions, open the hall fire exit doors for at least 15 mins after your session with participants has concluded, and then close those doors and ensure they’re properly secured; and (5) continue to maintain a manual record of attendance for at least 4 weeks.

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